Use of a laserpointer as control device

Note: This experiment is now obsolete. See Gesture based control using a Laser pointer and Image Recognition.

I wanted to be able to control the videoplayback of the mediacenter (hooked to my tube projector) without any extra remote control. The remote control of the tube projector has a built-in laser pointer. I used a ultra-cheap 4 euro CMOS-camera and some self-programmed quick'n'dirty image recognition for the task.

The target with play/pause, file select, next, prev:

The target with the laserdot inside the previous box:

What the software sees thru the eyes of the crappy cmos-cam, notice the very bright spot from the laser pointer (pictures cropped + strange jpeg artifacts):

Selecting buttons (no visual feedback to free some cpu cycles for media playback):

You don't have to aim before you "click". Just turn on the pointer pointing somewhere random, and guide it to the box you want to select. Boom.

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[ kresp0 | 15.12.06 14:15 ]
Good work!

Can you open your program source?


[ Dan | 15.12.06 18:02 ]
It would be really cool if you could open source your software.

[ Arminius | 16.12.06 15:29 ]
Cool. Can i use this as remote keyboard? :)

[ mnt | the codeninja, 16.12.06 15:38 ]
I made the mistake once to offer sources and drowned in support-emails of people that did not even have an compiler installed or did not know how to use the DirectX-headers.

No thanks.

[ AzurusNova | 17.12.06 06:31 ]
Is there any particular software that could be freely avalible to fiddle around with and further develope on this?

[ Tricky | 18.12.06 02:53 ]
This is sweet! Do you have any plans to release the code for this program, source or compiled?

[ patliveground | 18.12.06 19:05 ]
a great trick would be to hook this up to a vhs or a DVD
go hackers go!!!!!

[ Varund | 29.01.07 06:27 ]
Nice one buddy! Did you use Matlab to simulate the program? It has some powerful algorithms and can turn the progie into C++ code too. I am just at the beginning of it, so when I come across something more productive to contribute, ill let you know. I think you can send in the sourse to a few people who understand what they are doing, since most of the times its the n00bs who download stuff and have no clue on how its installed/compiled.

Keep it going!

[ mnt | the codeninja, 20.02.07 00:13 ]
Matlab can generate c++ code? Nice.

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