While experimenting with my 3D Object Tracker that uses multiple camera sources i had the idea to not track an moving object, but instead try to track how the camera has moved in relation to an (fixed) object.

Thanks to the improved edge-detection (Laplace-Operator) and my already existing 3D-Model (with some generalisations, like f=1.0) it took me only two days to finish this one. Like the object-tracker it still uses no kalman-filter, but a linear point-to-point interpolation that is blazingly fast but has the disadvantage of a slow drift in some situations. Notice the tracking-glitch at the end of the video, because the input-pipeline stalled for a short time, creating a huge motion-vektor growth (remember: my cpu is from 2003).

The unprocessed scene i used:

Scene with 2D tracking points plotted in (realtime,
you can observe tracked points being added and removed):

Scene with a 3d-object superimposed:
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