Party compatible multi-mode Brainmachine

Having a brainmachine is always a nice party gag. Uses the usual principles (binaural beats and optical stimulation) to alter the brains activation state. Mode changes are done by turning it off and on again, 1-3 flashes indicate the active mode.

Even though most people are sceptical all feel the relaxing properties of mode 1. One girl asked what it would feel like while having sex, a (intoxicated) guy could not walk for half an hour after trying mode 2 for some time. Another guy used the machine for 2 hours straight (sitting alone in the corner, not saying anything).

Hardware: atmega8, 2x aaa battery pack, 2 leds, 2 lfp.

  1. Relax (4-7 Hz) each pattern about 1 minute, 5 second morph time. Gets most people down slow and easy.
  2. Overclock (30-60 Hz) fast and crazy. Most people see strange artifacts (like green rings) because of overstimulation of the visual cortex.
  3. FooledYa Like relax but switching to random frequency each second after 2 minutes, just to fuck with some guests ;)

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