Frets on Fire Keyboard

I needed a keyboard with keys that are ultra-soft (only a few grams of pressure needed to trigger) and have equal or less than half a millimeter to travel when triggered.

As usual, if you want something this special you even have to build the keys yourself. Together with a AVR MegaAT8 that acts as an usb-keyboard this is the perfect instrument to play, and it even works with FretsMapper.

Just to be on the save side i included 8 keys instead of normal 5. And you can really press then all at once -even all 8- your OS will manage, but FoF will crash with an integer underflow.

Frets on Fire Guitar

If you wonder why it's named fretslatte: Latte is a german word for a small and long piece of wood.

Frets on Fire Guitar Keys
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