Wireless IR-Target for Paintball

First i wanted to build an laser tag game based on the guns i normally use for paintball playing. But after some minutes of planning i skipped the idea, and just built an very bright infrared transmitter and a lens into an old barrel. After i built the target it came to me that you may want to shoot at the target from distances greater than 4 meters, so i removed the cabling, added some ultra-primitive communication protocol via infrared (on a different carrier the gun is shooting of course), hooked it to my pc to see how accurate my shot was (it only plots a red ring, because i can only extract distance from middle and not directional information). And after some nights of shooting-fun with my friends i also added the little lcd screen for a more party-friendly quake-ish look.

The eletronics behind the target. Basically only an infrared-receiver, some drivers, a 16F88 PIC Controller and batteries. And of course some tricky software :)

The target.

The target (zoomed in).

Aiming for it. You can see the score-lcd (left) and the barrel with the infrared-transmitter.

A little brighter so you can see where that the screen is working.

The screen is about 10 years old, and the backlight is nearly dead. Thus i had to brighten up this picture heavily.