A custom built 10" touchscreen (A13 Cortex A8 cpu) running debian plus several sensors (name is Cuckoo clock in german)

It displays appointments in various display modes (and you can add and edit them), and warns with a nice sounding chime of impending events. Home automation control station. It also logs if someone rings the doorbell (btw: fuck you, DHL) and collects (and logs) data of several sensors: humidity, air pressure, temperature, ambient light, dust or pollen particles, motion. Data is pushed to thingspeak.com

very slowly fading leds show some appointment is nearing, display automatically turns on when humans (or cats) are in front of it

the framebuffer driver for the tft crashed when used in rotated mode so i simply rotated the whole html of the calendar. the minimalistic browser that displays it supports only basic css, so the dom is rotated via javascript and all text is replaced with an image tag that is rendered by a very efficient cgi-bin (written in c) running on the local webserver. despite the slowish cpu the whole page is rendered in about 1 second, including image loading. oh, there is also a local caldav server, and polling and parsing calendar streams is also done on the arm cpu.

doppler radar forecast if you touch the weather area.

door bell ringing is added to the local caldav caldendar. we found out that certain package delivery services always ring around the same time.

backside. cable grave.

  1. 433Mhz receiver for doorbell
  2. dust sensor, low range
  3. dust sensor, high range
  4. pir sensor
  5. i2c pressure+temperature sensor
  6. i2c humidity sensor
  7. uv leds plus uv glow liquid
  8. fan, periodicly pulls in air (and dust)
  9. speaker

The screen is built inside a dark brown wooden enclosure with leather bezel around the touch screen to give it a decent steampunk look.
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