Gesture based control using a Laser pointer and Image Recognition

As my previous experiments were too simple (anyone could do this) i whipped this up on a sunday to distract me of my high fever and a terrible headace.

This is way more comfortable than even remote controls. You don't have to find the right button on your remote control in the dark, just take the laser pointer and draw some gestures somewhere on the wall. Very comfortable, i will never use a normal remote control again.

This has some industrial uses, too. With a filter you can isolate the exact frequence of the laser, so light conditions in the room don't matter. You could even use an infrared laser (or a sharply focused infrared LED-beam) so nobody gets distracted when you "control" your equipment.

The camera delivers only 50 halfframes per second, but the image processing thread is not synchronized to the frame delivery thread, to allow me to judge (from the fps-meter) how fast my (still fairly unoptimized) code is.
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