Rfiddler - A SciFi-Gun that works in the real world

Video, zapping a id-card and a hotel key:

Information needed to build your own: RFID zapping idea based on an idea from chaos communication congress 2005. The mp3-player is a hacked Hama SD CardReaderWriter with MP3 Player ordered from amazon for <3 Euros. Chip is a VLSI7000, you can control it via SPI. The two 7seg display are directly soldered to a MegaAT8, similar to this approach. Orange leds are charlieplexed to PORTB and PORTD, PORTC for the white leds. Uses software-PWM at ~500 Hz, Interrupt-driven (SIG_OVERFLOW0) via Timer0/prescale 1024. Gun is a Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 a friend gave me (it was broken). Mine is unmodified and still works, last used in an office-war inculding 40 people. Flash circuits salvaged from an old Canon Prima 2 Camera (analog, not needed anymore) and an old studio flash (with a gigantic 1KV/2800uF cap) i found via ebay.

Project cost: ~50€ total, including accupack, chips, leds, paint and primer.

I plan to add a (protected) RFID reader (that displays rF on the 7seg on a received packet) so you can instantly check that your RFID died.

What is where?

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[ Noobixide | 23.12.09 01:15 ]
50 turn coil, and a flash circuit... humm a few modifications and you're well on your way to a coil gun!

[ Tyler | 23.12.09 03:04 ]
Dang, quite impressive.

[ Venomwebhost.com | 23.12.09 03:07 ]
Very Nice! We could see this falling in to the wrong hands...

[ ogremage | 23.12.09 08:22 ]
I am sure that it would work also on RFID chips inside a tire. Currently that is the only RFID tag that I possess that I cannot shield.

[ ogremage | 23.12.09 08:23 ]
But I would still like to see a tire RFID get fried. Maybe then I would build one.

[ Trever | 24.12.09 01:24 ]
What's the range?

[ laserbeam | 24.12.09 11:20 ]
What are the essentials for building one? I don't need fancy lights, guns or sound effects, just frying up USB sticks : D.

[ mnt | the codeninja, 24.12.09 11:27 ]
It's all documented in the text-block below the video. tl;dr?

[ andrew | 24.12.09 13:05 ]
this could make for a great warfare game if you could setup the RFID so if the RFID died/was killed then the rfiddler wouldn't work.

[ SWAKEFIZZLE | 24.12.09 13:39 ]
I managed to disable my RFID passport ... Used a hammer :D

[ Sst3eve | 25.12.09 00:45 ]
I mannaged to fry my roommates key cards in a microwave, the antena absorbs the radiation and frys the chip in like <1 second same thing if you had a cell phone in the microwave

[ Omegas | 25.12.09 01:43 ]
Pretty nice. But what would be the purpose for this? Is there a to having RFID chips disabled in a passport or something?

[ Jaime JOnes | 25.12.09 03:25 ]
Dude this is like totally Crazy


[ Gonzobot | 25.12.09 06:01 ]
I don't think you guys get it. This is a rifle; it is not meant to be a personal-safety device to clean your tags with, it is meant to be a trouble-causing device for other people whose pockets full of chip-cards with rubberbands around them aren't shielded in the slightest.

kudos. those guys are asshats.

[ elif | 25.12.09 18:41 ]
remind me not to bring my rfid cards and thumbdrives to defcon this year.

[ mike | 25.12.09 20:29 ]
what's the range on that thing?

[ cat | 26.12.09 05:31 ]
Anyone got any good recipes for an strong EPM device?

[ khanz | 26.12.09 16:38 ]
cat: in involves explosives and high current circulating through a wire wrapped arround the explosives, before 911 there used to be some plans made in the lawrecne livermore lab but now they have gone reclassified.

[ Khanz | 26.12.09 16:41 ]
This is what you are looking for.


[ theDude | 28.12.09 14:21 ]
when can we pre-order? :D

[ Agorist | 02.01.10 19:22 ]
Sweet now we can shoot and wipe out peoples bank accounts.

[ anonym | 29.01.10 18:26 ]
hey hast du auch ne deutsche Bauanleitung dafür???

Wo bekommt man die Teile her? conrad?

[ ohah | 03.03.10 08:10 ]
wow... what a nice gun!! I want to have it one!!

[ Hemant Gupta | 16.06.10 20:13 ]
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Thank you

[ jimmi hendrix | 20.11.10 15:21 ]
What is the rfiddler electronic circuits Schematics look like.
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[ chuck | 24.09.11 18:00 ]
what would it cost for you to make one for me, i have not the technology equipment to do that.... cost and shipping??

[ Deb | 12.10.11 19:04 ]
I want to buy one or rent it for the day. cost + shipping

[ Gerhard | 18.11.11 09:59 ]
Please can you send me the schematics or details on how I can buy it from you? gerhardfjvrgmail.com
This would be much appreciated!!!

[ Matt | 14.12.11 16:07 ]
hi i need one urgent, can someone build that for me or show me how to build this , ill pay anything its important
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[ Beth | 05.07.12 07:30 ]
This weapon of sorts could save alot of lives.

[ silver | 14.11.13 13:45 ]
how much for the rfiddler

[ silver | 14.11.13 14:34 ]
send me the cost please, to green.biz09gmail.com

[ Sam Koo | 01.04.14 05:53 ]
I wanna buy one please e-mail me: sam9masonnaver.com
Can I rent it for a month. Thank you.

[ marti | 27.09.14 20:33 ]
hi ,how can i meet you i need a thing like this they try to kill me with that thing r,f,i,d, n speaker phone in my ear i dont know what to do help me please

may i barrow from you and i give you what it cost and send it back to you or something im desesperate please recuperemg99gmail.com

[ Chantal | 20.10.14 09:26 ]
I want buy the rfid zapper. Can you please make the zapper for my.

[ Chantal | 20.10.14 09:26 ]
I want buy the rfid zapper. Can you please make the zapper for my.

[ IHateCookieMonster | 14.04.15 10:21 ]
Can you please share the circuit diagram?

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