This is needed: gps-receiver, backpack with laptop(Tatonka Serverpack with Gateway Solo 2500), keyboard, trackball (from old broken laptop), helmet (giro switchblade) with display (old viewfinder)

The backpack crammed full with electronics

Keyboard, trackball and helmet connector

How everything is hooked up to the laptop. The keyboard uses RS232 to enable me to turn the laptop on (via RING) without removing it from the backpack. clever, eh?

Screenshot (via VNC with 256 colors, thus the colors are distorted).

Virtual Keyboard (for use with minikeyboard or trackball) open

Map tiles were spidered from (the old) Client and server programs written in delphi. Data is exchanged via XML. The server takes care of everything like collision checking, connection timeouts, cheating attempts (by stopping for longer than 60 seconds) and so on. The clients only display the tiles and render the lines the server told them to.

If you are from Karlsruhe you may get a glimpse of 4 people wearing helmets like the one seen above speeding around.

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[ Wanker | 13.07.05 15:24 ]
you have been slashdotted.

[ ugubu | 13.07.05 15:37 ]
ROFLMAO real smart.

[ drunkenfool | 14.07.05 09:03 ]
why? it is kinda cool though.

[ Patrick | 14.07.05 10:45 ]
This is so extreme geeky cool. I wonder why I am not doing this?

[ fennimore | 14.07.05 14:33 ]
haha, and it's even in karlsruhe! i knew i know that map!

[ Scott McLeod | 14.07.05 16:28 ]
I want to do this in toronto!

Is it possible to modify the software for another city?

[ Zouwi | 15.07.05 01:55 ]
Yeh, it would be nice if you would put the software and good instructions to build these things, because at least I won't live even near Karlsruhe and I'd like to try that.

[ w4n9 | 15.07.05 03:16 ]
yeah, you gotta help us out here. you made us curious...must build tron...

[ Matt | 15.07.05 21:57 ]
This is amazing <grin>. I'd be interested in trying to reimplement this, but I'm sort of confused as to how you'd communicate your GPS position back to the host server (hell, reimplementing aside, I'm just curious how it was done). If the city was blanketted in wifi hotspots, I guess those could be used, but I'm not aware of anywhere that would have enough for this kind of relatively-realtime tracking. If anyone's got some ideas, feel free to drop me a line at industrealis at gmail dot com.

[ just a visitor | 16.07.05 09:18 ]
Who do you have mIRC on? :D where do you need that?

[ Linendail | 18.07.05 02:22 ]
Quoted: "how you'd communicate your GPS position back to the host server?"

RTFM! GPRS, of course!

[ Antoine | 18.07.05 14:12 ]
After electronic war, electronic holydays.. fun !

[ jonspotz | 21.07.05 06:14 ]
if i had the gear, i'd play

[ funny | 21.07.05 17:00 ]
but for this game, all player have to walk at the same speed non? or some one just

[ guly | 22.07.05 17:32 ]
I NEED to play this!!

[ Sp3cial Person | 28.07.05 14:25 ]
Heh,wow.this is actually pretty cool! Good work!

[ Mac AC | 01.08.05 10:24 ]
Haha rtfm indeed linendail.
This smells sooo much like an expensive executive toy to me, give the suits something to do at lunch break, keep them fit. And it smells like a good way to make alot of money for yourself sir.

[ someguy | 02.08.05 13:12 ]
where did you get the map material?

[ fooowwwwllll | 05.08.05 00:15 ]
Didn't see a plaid background in Tron!
Jeff Bridges in tweed anyone?

[ Willbert | 18.08.05 23:20 ]
v cool guys
wish i had the money to hook myself up with one!!

[ edward | 03.10.05 08:29 ]
if i wore a helmet i might do this
but i dont
so early death and no tron for me

[ m3nt0r | 31.10.05 20:33 ]
lol. this rox. you guys are crazy :) but i like it. well done!

[ Brooklyn | 03.12.05 20:42 ]
Yeah, you've been "slashdotted" about 10 hours after being DIGGed. :)

[ pentax | 04.12.05 16:39 ]
And now MAKE'd. ;)

[ somebody | 09.12.05 01:09 ]
wow you guys are NERDS, cool

[ michaelb1 | 09.12.05 10:02 ]
I am traveling across country next year in the famvan. I would love to use a gadget like this to track my trip, not to mention let family and friends see where I am and where I've been.

[ Robert | 12.12.05 13:39 ]
It's amazing that you people could think something up like this and actually do it! Well done and best wishes from Hong Kong.

[ fritz | 21.02.06 15:23 ]
Ich glaub ich hab zwei von euch schonmal rumflitzen sehen :)

[ Nymphe Bonn | 24.07.06 01:34 ]
Echt coole Idee!Viel Spaß

[ Jack_B | 09.10.06 22:56 ]
Wahnsinn, ich hab mich bepisst vor Lachen! Super Idee! Macht blos weiter so! Das ist seit langem das coolste, was ich so gesehen hab...

[ DeaDLocK | 27.10.06 20:01 ]
Das ist nice gemacht, kann man echt sehen lassen!
Ich komm mal rüber nach Karlsruhe und schau mir das an ;-D

[ asmodias | 08.04.07 16:12 ]
hab euch neulich am europaplatz gesehen wie ihr spielauswertung gemacht habt (4 leute mit helmen mit videodings dran und laptops)

[ dodegy | 28.08.07 00:36 ]
Supergeile Idee!! Respekt.

Aber wo bekommt man bitte die Displays her??
Das würde mich erlichgesagt interessieren.
Die sind für viele Dinge brauchbar!!

[ home dog | 04.12.07 23:29 ]
best game in my life check it out

[ Jaque | 07.03.08 21:39 ]
Wow... That's cool. I'm not even gonna ask how you did that...

[ Doc Reaver | 12.04.08 23:42 ]
Soll noch mal einer sagen, IT-Futzis kommen nie vor die Tür. Ernsthaft juxige Sache, bin bald vom Stuhl gefallen, als ich das gelesen hab. Respekt. Geile Idee. ...Interresante Verlinkungen gibts... ich wollt bei wikipedia eigendlich nur das Erscheinungsdatum von Tron nachlesen...

[ ianan | 21.03.12 02:57 ]
you need to opensource this

[ ProphetZarquon | 06.03.14 11:26 ]
Yes, this is awesome.
I am looking for an Android version of this (minus the HUD of course. ):
Love the site design, by the way.

[ suzisidle | 02.05.14 17:57 ]
holy fecal matter this is 9 years old and it slipped right by me, not a huge surprise, i just really wish it hadnt, perth west oz would be perfect for it, the city is laid out in grid formation, then you could do a boss level in cannberra a.c.t. cos its all circular! i want one!

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