Rfiddler - A SciFi-Gun that works in the real world

Video, zapping a id-card and a hotel key:

Information needed to build your own: RFID zapping idea based on an idea from chaos communication congress 2005. The mp3-player is a hacked Hama SD CardReaderWriter with MP3 Player ordered from amazon for <3 Euros. Chip is a VLSI7000, you can control it via SPI. The two 7seg display are directly soldered to a MegaAT8, similar to this approach. Orange leds are charlieplexed to PORTB and PORTD, PORTC for the white leds. Uses software-PWM at ~500 Hz, Interrupt-driven (SIG_OVERFLOW0) via Timer0/prescale 1024. Gun is a Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 a friend gave me (it was broken). Mine is unmodified and still works, last used in an office-war inculding 40 people. Flash circuits salvaged from an old Canon Prima 2 Camera (analog, not needed anymore) and an old studio flash (with a gigantic 1KV/2800uF cap) i found via ebay.

Project cost: ~50€ total, including accupack, chips, leds, paint and primer.

I plan to add a (protected) RFID reader (that displays rF on the 7seg on a received packet) so you can instantly check that your RFID died.

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