This is needed: gps-receiver, backpack with laptop(Tatonka Serverpack with Gateway Solo 2500), keyboard, trackball (from old broken laptop), helmet (giro switchblade) with display (old viewfinder)

The backpack crammed full with electronics

Keyboard, trackball and helmet connector

How everything is hooked up to the laptop. The keyboard uses RS232 to enable me to turn the laptop on (via RING) without removing it from the backpack. clever, eh?

Screenshot (via VNC with 256 colors, thus the colors are distorted).

Virtual Keyboard (for use with minikeyboard or trackball) open

Map tiles were spidered from (the old) Client and server programs written in delphi. Data is exchanged via XML. The server takes care of everything like collision checking, connection timeouts, cheating attempts (by stopping for longer than 60 seconds) and so on. The clients only display the tiles and render the lines the server told them to.

If you are from Karlsruhe you may get a glimpse of 4 people wearing helmets like the one seen above speeding around.
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