Wearable Computer Glasses

I built several prototypes of wearable computer-connected displays over the years, this is the current iteration:

1st Prototype, not yet using LCD

Heavily modified Raspi (missing most connectors, removed chip for lan/2nd usb, added usb hub + wifi + bluetooth)

3rd Prototype, now using pico LCD

Could move up and down, but that was not sufficient (see servo on the right)

Adding linear rail so it can move away from the eye

Finished 3rd Prototype

3rd Prototype in action, activated by tapping on the raspi

I'm currently planning the next version to minituarize everything even more.

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[ ElectroNick | 17.11.13 18:00 ]
I am curious, would the brightness of the LCD display be enough to reflect from a semi-transparent mirror glass in front of the eye (sort of like Google Glass - like) instead of moving it in and out of field of view? The servos seem to add a whole new level of complexity to an already complex device.

[ nevermind | 17.11.13 18:11 ]
whoa your page is so haxor
it's a pleasure reading it

[ fuzzyb | 17.11.13 18:58 ]
I'm curious what your "pico lcd" is and how you've managed to get it to focus so close to the eye. Can you provide more details ?

[ TonyCurious | 17.11.13 20:19 ]
Same here please share what LCD pico LCD is and how you managed to focus it.

[ Kerulen | 18.11.13 06:55 ]
I think it's something like Kopin BDM-922k. I bought such thing a month ago for a similar project. It goes with 2 lcd, driver board, optics and some kind of a housing. It cost me $180 + $45 for delivery.

[ Conundrum | 18.11.13 06:58 ]
Hi, I especially like the retractable aspect.
How have you overcome the problem of cable fatigue?
Also you can harvest a nice multiflex cable from old Zip drives which is good for maybe 10 connections and hundreds of thousands of cycles.

[ techb | 18.11.13 13:59 ]
I'd like to know where you sourced the lcd, and am also interested in how you focused it.

[ Daniel | 22.11.13 03:21 ]
Excelent!! how about implementing something like that to a motorcycle helmet? for a rear view camera or something else like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxlB9xenAV4 or this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCfjX-KEWmA I´m a motorcycler and a raspberry newy... so would be great to have something similar... congrats for your work...

[ Aaron | 08.12.13 21:02 ]
How does one get in touch with you?

[ caj380 | 17.01.14 14:39 ]
Great Work! Love your site design by the way.
Are you planning on releasing design files and a list of parts for this?

[ microizer | 09.09.14 21:57 ]
Any plans to miniaturize the pi using the Intel Edison?

[ Tony Nazzal | 14.12.14 06:40 ]
I like your design, but is it heavy having all that weight on one side?

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